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Living Better to Live Older in Great Shape, Looking Terrific, and Being the Best Version of Yourself At Any Age

The common consensus is that growing old can be the pits, and many people say, “…it’s not for wimps.”



I am going to show you 125+ ways to push back against the clock. This course will address the key elements that can help you preserve your immunity, up your self-esteem about the way you look, and give you steps to feel less emotional about aging including how to take more control.

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In many instances you will be able to reset your body’s clock to run younger, shaving off 5, 10 and even 20 years off your biological age.


There will be tutorials on tools that are not only fun to do, but will enhance your style and health.


I’ve studied the materials, so you don’t have to. Read important book reviews in just minutes.


The latest scientific research about the brain, cells, and what makes people older is on the agenda.


Let’s face it—you are in it for the long haul. No matter what age you are, this is the time to make a transformation.

Are You Starting to Worry About Growing Older?

If not, you should be—there are so many pain points.

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Did you ever notice how advertising favors the young even though the aging generations are swelling in number?

The media takes on this avoidance technique because nobody wants to think about getting wrinkles, using a walker, an oxygen tank, or dealing with cancer or other diseases.

But despite what’s happening, I want to help prepare you for a healthy future. Maybe ten years down the road, with diligence, knowledge, and encouragment you can change very little from the way you are now—no, you can be even better, happier. It’s possible!

My husband, Michael, and my mother, Anna, were my teachers—unknowingly—but they were my guides.

Michael had a decade of pain, a debilitating disease with endless surgeries and no hope of ever being happy again; in fact, we knew he was dying. That is something I hope you never have to face.

Anna lived a long life, but she too, had many trials to overcome. One day she asked me, " Why am I living so long?" Not because she wanted to die, but because she was caught up in the medical and state system.

This course I’ve designed will help you to escape what my family—and I went through. Use my wisdom, experience, extensive research and analysis to make your 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s a time of peace and well-being, spent with dignity, not trauma.

Old age is the only disease you can catch by imitating its symptoms.

-Mario E. Martinez, Psy.D.

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What You’ll Learn—

How to:

Overcome the tendency to overeat and overindulge

Eliminate the dangerous SOS food products from your daily diet

Reset your blood sugar level closer to normal

Use exercises that will benefit you the most for your age and abilities

Get steadier on your feet and eliminate the fear of falling

Reset your body to move with ease

Set up time and attention for self-care, and want to do what you need to

Feel more confident and happier in your appearance

Structure activities that will keep your brain sharp

Learn meditation and sleep practices to feel refreshed and energetic

Prepare for activities to get a healthier emotional life

Create techniques and find products for what ails you

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Andrea Campbell is the author of 12 traditionally published books in addition to thousands of articles for both print and online publications. She is deeply committed to helping others experience their true Golden Years, without the nursing home experience.

This course includes:

* YouTube video and demonstrations

* Articles

* Downloadable resources

* Full access mobile viewing

* Book Reviews in minutes

* Email Q & A

This e-course will stress a few highly important areas and consequently these will be the longest and have the most information: Skin & Upkeep, Diet & Nutrition, Movement & Exercise, the Brain & Other Organs.

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Beat Back Aging: Living Better to Live Older in Great Shape, Looking Terrific, and Being the Best Version of Yourself at Any Age. Come on board you won't regret it.

"I'm in! Sign me up now."



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